350K Reasons Fake Reviews Don’t Pay Off for Your Business

The game of internet marketing and search engine optimization has changed drastically over the course of just a few short years. In an effort to crack down on those businesses employing black hat tactics — such as thin content, link farms, and advertisement stricken websites — Google’s Panda update (perhaps the most notable to date in it’s algorithm change history) rewards those businesses it deems to be playing fairly, while docking those who attempt to cheat their way to the top.

As Panda updates both major and minor continue to roll out, fresh content and social media influence and reach have become increasingly important when it comes to getting your website to page one of results. This means that businesses who want to succeed in the game of web marketing are feeling an increasing amount of pressure to get positive endorsements about the products and/or services that they offer. Continue reading

How does a mobile website work?

With a mobile optimized website whenever someone visits your site from a mobile device, they are automatically redirected to a different URL (typically something like m.yourdomain.com) which has been specifically laid out and designed to look good on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, with the wide range in screen sizes from one phone to another, in addition to other types of mobile devices now prominent on the market — namely, tablets and e-readers — a mobile site along simply doesn’t do the trick. To account for these different devices then, you would also need a “t-dot” website (typically t.yourdomain.com) — a site specifically designed to look good on the screen of your tablet device. Similarly, as new technology comes onto the market, you will have to make adjustments (and possibly additional mobile websites) to account for optimal viewing on those screens.

A mobile website is completely separate from your main website, which means that it must be separately maintained and edited. That is to say that if you make an edit on your main website and would like to have it appear on your mobile site, you must make that edit on your mobile website as well. 

So, which is better – a mobile website or responsive design?

Which is better– a mobile website or responsive design?

When it comes to optimizing your website for display on mobile devices (i.e. cell phones, tablets, etc.) there are two different options — hosting a mobile website or utilizing a responsive design. One question that I hear from business owners quite often is, “which is better?”

For most small and medium size businesses (especially those with limited funds and resources to invest in marketing), responsive design is definitely the better choice, as mobile websites are inherently problematic.

Four of the Biggest Problems with Mobile Websites

  1. They do NOT look good on all devices.
    Briefly, size discrepancies between smart phones and tablets create a situation where-in if a business wants to have it’s website look good across all devices, it will likely have to have at least two separate sites — an “m-dot” site for smartphone users, and a “t-dot” site for tablet aficionados… and as new technology (and different screen sizes emerge), you’ll have to keep up and develop sites optimized for those platforms as well. Continue reading

Miss America 2013: A Case Study in Social Media Fail

On Sunday night, September 15th, 2013 Nina Davuluri was crowned as Miss America 2013. She is the first winner of Indian-American descent in the pageant’s 93 year history, and as such this marked quite a historical event.

Unfortunately, what unfolded immediately thereafter on twitter (and elsewhere) can only be described as an EPIC case of social media FAIL.

Within minutes of the live broadcast announcement, racist and bigoted comments began flooding what would otherwise have been described as a happy, joyous, and momentous occasion.

I’m not bothering to include the actual tweets, lest they be given more clout. It’s a trending topic of discussion and the remarks are easy to find in almost any major news publication — just Google “Miss America 2013” or @NinaDavuluri.

Talk About EPIC FAIL

What I do want to call attention to is the extent to which these nitwits (for lack of a better term) failed as Americans. Continue reading

Is your Kansas City internet marketing company offering you an SEO package without web content?

Internet marketing is essential for small business success — this is a fact that is undeniable. It is also one of a few (if not the only) medium that truly has the power to level the playing field between small and/or start-up businesses and those well established companies who have already made their mark on the market.

Local web marketing companies abound, but for a small business owner — how do you decide which company will really give you the most bang for your buck? How do you decide who to trust? And, what does a successful search engine optimization campaign involve? Continue reading